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Find here my Reverse Engineering Compiler, the Train Director railroad network simulation program and other things I like.

Useful Resources

About Myself

  • My Reverse Engineering Compiler page
  • Reverse Engineering Technology page
  • The Train Director simulation program
  • Google Maps
  • National Public Radio (NPR)
  • The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5, the best sci-fi show ever made.
  • Education & Social Issues
  • My resume (or curriculum vitae)
  • The list of my travels by car
  • Coast to Coast
  • Photo album of one of these trips (with several JPEG images)
  • European Resources

    Japanese Resources

  • RAI International TV Schedule
  • Italian Resources at Virtual Italia (in English)
  • Il Narratore
  • Consulate of San Francisco
  • Trains! Trenitalia and the European Rail Fan server.
  • European Train Timetables courtesy of Deutsche Bahn
  • My collection of Japanese drama
  • Jim Breeen's Japanese pages with the WWWJDIC web dictionary
  • List of more J language pages

  • You can reach me at : (remove the _ before sending your message)